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Canadian North and BBE Expediting Announce Innovative New Northern Cargo Service

Heather Stewart, President of BBE Expediting and Steve Hankirk, President of Canadian North announce upcoming launch of Fetchable online Northern shipping solution

Canadian North and BBE Expediting have announced the upcoming launch of 'Fetchable', a new easy-to-use 24/7 online shipping solution that will allow seamless, cost-effective, and efficient shipping to and from almost anywhere in the world.

This new service will commence on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. 

“Canadian North is extremely excited to join with BBE Expediting to introduce Fetchable,” said Steve Hankirk, President of Canadian North. “We are incredibly proud of our shared investment in this innovative new service that we believe will open an entirely new world of simplicity and choice for Northerners.”

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Fetchable can deliver a boundless array of goods from anywhere, such as fresh produce and meat, frozen and canned goods, clothing, electronics, furniture, hardware, tires, or automotive parts. Fetchable will work equally well for southbound shipping, opening up huge new markets and greatly simplifying shipping logistics for Northern businesses.

“This solution brings commerce from all around the world closer to our North and we are proud to partner with Canadian North on this awesome initiative,” said Heather Stewart, President of BBE.

Fetchable customers will be able to arrange all of the shipping that is required to receive their goods – including multiple options for long-distance ground shipping, local courier transportation, and Canadian North air service – all in one spot, with one easy transaction. This service, the first of its kind for the North, will enable Northerners to access higher quality items, with transparent up-front pricing and the ability to track shipments. 

Fetchable’s tagline ‘We get it.’ means two things - that Fetchable will ‘get’ goods where they need to go, but more importantly, that Canadian North and BBE understand what it means to live in the North and that the availability of fast, cost-effective, and reliable shipping will benefit everyone who lives there.

For more information, please contact:

Kelly Lewis
Manager, Communications
Canadian North Inc.
Tel (403) 648-6101
Sean Gray
Vice-President, Business Development
BBE Expediting Ltd.
Tel (867) 678-2348