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Information regarding Federal Day School Class Action Settlement


Information regarding Federal Day School Class Action Settlement    



The purpose of the Federal Day Schools Class Action (FDSCA) Settlement Agreement is to address harm suffered as a result of Canada’s establishment, management, and funding of Federal Day Schools.  The Federal Court approved the Agreement on August 19, 2019. 

Once the appeal and opt-out period conclude, implementation of the Settlement Agreement will begin. To find out if you are a “Class Member” (are eligible for compensation) and to learn about deadlines and application processes please visit the official FDSCA website:


IRC is not a party but has been advocating for Inuvialuit 

While the Agreement was negotiated without any Inuit organization involvement, IRC has been advocating continually for a better settlement and claims process for Inuvialuit. IRC, NTI and Makivik secured the addition of schools, a longer application period and a commitment to Inuit representation on the Legacy Fund Committee. IRC will continue to push for better support services for survivors.

You may have seen IRC’s Resolution Health Support Workers (RHSWs) in your communities helping survivors fill out registration forms. Whether or not Canada grants IRC support to help Inuvialuit through this process, Debbie Gordon-Ruben, Manager, Susan Peffer and Jeffery Amos are committed to helping Inuvialuit, to the extent they can, with the next stages of the application process.

Debbie can be reached at: (867) 777-7089 and  Jeffery Amos at (867) 678-5562 and Susan Peffer is at (867) 777-7087 and


Next Step: Filling out Claim Forms

Even if you are a survivor and you have completed a registration form, you will have to fill out the official Claim Form when it is ready.  Once the appeal and opt-out periods have elapsed (around November 18, 2019), the official Claim Form will be ready. It will be available on the FDSCA website. IRC’s RHSW will also have Claim Forms on hand. Survivor applicants will have 2.5 years to submit their forms.

Under the Settlement Agreement, only lawyers from the firm, Gowling WLG are allowed to provide legal representation to Class Members. While not every applicant will need it, anyone can seek legal assistance free of charge from Gowling WLG at 1 (844) 539-3815 and

Crisis support is also available for Class Members through a national service called “Hope for Wellness”. This service provides counselling and crisis intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the toll-free line 1-855-242-3310. You can also connect to the online chat at  Services are to be made available in Inuktitut, although may not be available in Inuvialuktun dialects.


Survivors can choose to opt out of the Settlement

If you do not want to be part of the FDSCA Settlement, you can opt out. If you opt-out, you keep the future right to claim against Canada for harms suffered at Federal Day School. However, Class Members who opt out will not receive compensation from this Settlement Agreement. Opt-out Forms are available online through the official FDSCA website. The deadline to opt out is November 18, 2019.