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New Vice-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer Elected on IRC Board

The IRC Board of Directors

At the most recent IRC Board of Directors meeting, held on February 21 to 23 in Inuvik, Gerald (Jerry) Inglangasuk was elected the new Vice-Chair and Eddie Dillon was elected the new Secretary/Treasurer of the board.

The current IRC Board of Directors is listed below:

Duane Smith - Chair
Gerald (Jerry) Inglangasuk - Vice-Chair
Eddie Dillon - Secretary/Treasurer
Vernon Amos - Director
Jordan McLeod - Director
Jack Akhiaktak - Director
Lawrence Ruben - Director
The next board meeting will be held in Inuvik on April 19 to 21, 2017.

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Board of Directors includes all six elected directors from the Community Corporations and one chair. The chair of the IRC Board of Directors is elected by the directors of the six Community Corporations and also takes on the responsibility of chief executive officer of IRC.