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NWT On The Land Collaborative Releases 2017 Annual Report

NWT On The Land Collaborative Releases 2017 Annual Report

The NWT On The Land Collaborative's 2017 annual report was recently released and it showcases some of the highlights from the past year, including new partners, the first annual learning trip, and the creation of a community of practice for land-based programs with a mental health focus.

The collaborative is a collective of diverse organizations that supports land-based programs through funds, resources, and expertise. As a participating Indigenous government, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation acts as a community advisor and is pleased to share the successes of the collaborative.

View the 2017 Annual Report

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Five separate projects were funded through the collaborative within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region in 2016-2017. These include:

  • Wood for Elders (East Three School)
  • Youth on the Land (Inuvik Youth Centre Society)
  • On the Land Training/Mentorship Program (Moose Kerr School)
  • Land Programs (Inuvik Community Corporation)
  • Trails on the Land/History of our Ancestors (Tuktoyaktuk District Education Authority)

The NWT On The Land Collaborative was founded in fall 2015 to support programs that connect NWT residents with their land, culture, and community. Since that time, the collaborative has provided 70 projects across the territory with over a million dollars in funds. The collaborative supports projects that: get people out on the land; connect community members to their land, culture, and traditions; build or strengthen partnerships; enhance community capacity; and promote sustainability.

If you have any questions regarding the NWT On The Land Collaborative, please contact:

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Tel: (867) 777-7000