October 2021 Message from the Chair & Chief Executive Officer


Implementing the IFA does not end for IRC or Canada.  We continue this work on a daily basis and IRC has been putting time and efforts into building capacity with new beneficiary staff assigned to key files to continue progress.

Investment gains at IRC are returned to beneficiaries in social programs, distribution, and in growth for tomorrow. Long-term wealth for the benefit of our children and their wellbeing is a requirement of the IFA and while we often say our greatest asset is our Elders but really it is also our children.

A law will be proposed to the IRC Board this month.  As umingmak circle around their children when they feel there is a threat to the group,  IRC has been working on a law which can give Inuvialuit the tools and strategies, together, to support our children, youth and families and legally protect their connection to Inuvialuit culture and values.  

Healthy activities are happening with all the community corporations. The reports included can not contain all the supports and services that community corporations have continually been providing for their members, many behind the scenes.

Stamina throughout each community in your continued efforts for COVID-19 prevention is noticed; IRC will continue to advocate to enhance your individual and collective efforts.  

Initiatives getting families on the land, seeing the success of Tapqaq (Shingle Point) Traditional Summer Games with many families from Aklavik spending part of their summer on the coast, as well as all the ongoing and new initiatives is really something to highlight and to recognize given the extra challenges with COVID.  You will see very busy communities with lots going on- stocking up, filling new freezers, planning cultural wellness camps, enjoying the land, and with youth centres and Elders finding ways to be active together safely.  AGMs are being held, and elections are upcoming.

IRC is appreciative that Canada and Canadians took the first steps on September 30, 2021. IRC hopes to see even more community members and especially teachers and government officials, out on this day in subsequent years, learning more, trying to comprehend; we have a long ways to go to move forward. Impacts of the residential schools, not to mention colonization/pandemics, have been going on more than one hundred years in Canada starting in this region with Tapqaq (Shingle Point) and into our 4th generation.  You see people who are still suffering.

Not a holiday, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is acknowledgement Indigenous people have been negotiating for decades and IRC is grateful to the current federal government for taking this chance, working with us as collaborative partners to face history and for the betterment of Canada. The IRC will be continuing to build this trust in productive gains through the Inuit Crown Partnership (ICPC) and welcomes the new cabinet as we get back to progress being made on behalf of Inuvialuit.

The Inuvialuit Final Agreement is now what bonds Inuvialuit to Canada, what is meant to redefine our relationship, and so IRC has to work together, practice mutual respect while building better systems and approaches. We need everyone’s support to take care of each other and our ecosystems so we can look after things, and not do more damage to our land and culture.  

Healing means steps taken remembering our culture, taking part in our stories through drum dancing, taking care of and raising our kids-  bringing back the pride of who we are. IRC is working to find all the ways we can enhance these positive efforts, to support the aspirations of our children, with the opportunities, support services, acquisition of skills, so beneficiaries can build your lives.

Quyanaq, quyanainni, koana, thank you, 


Duane Ningaqsiq Smith

Atanrur̂uq Katimar̂uanun

Chair & Chief Executive Officer



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