April 2021 Message from the Chair & Chief Executive Officer

Ukuqsi, Naalalagitchi Beneficiaries, 

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation has been busy!  We are grateful to be able to travel within the ISR and conduct our business and advocacy work, including the ICPC meeting in April with Canada’s Prime Minister and with Federal Ministers, on videoconference. 

Inuvialuktun language experts have been busy, sometimes double-booked, developing the Immersion Curriculum, transcribing drum dancing songs and translating storybooks for our children.  Quyananni, quana, quyanaqpak for all your hard work as we take these steps to start to revitalize Inuvialuktun and work towards the Implementation of the Federal Indigenous Languages Act.

Meanwhile, this organization has grown substantially... and IRC will be introducing new staff as they take on large and expanding projects in health, research, capacity, housing, economic opportunity over the coming months, including areas like IDC Construction, Inuit Health Survey, Inuvialuit Energy Security Project planning, ICEDO and Food Security to name a few. 

I am proud to see all the ongoing recruitment and development of young talented beneficiaries in this organization and this makes us hopeful for the future.

Inuvialuit will see in the updates that the communities remain as busy with all the programming and extra measures they are providing along with close attention to safely at this time including successful food security projects for their members in shared harvests, as well as importantly, in offering some good and varied activities for mental wellness, enhancing everyone’s time, thinking of different age groups and creating the opportunities to bond and develop skills.

CCs are accomplishing these things along with continuity in their financial and electoral responsibilities. We congratulate the new directors, offer a directory of all elected leadership in this Inuvialuit Corporate Group update and thank outgoing directors for their service.

We appreciate beneficiaries paying attention to all of our notices. On the Land support from IRC has again been accessed with high numbers of families out on the land and we know you can all use time at camps with your families.

Staff have been travelling to the communities as we can while we follow all public health recommendations at this time- Education & Training offering individual support with applications and opportunities, Corporate Tour to answer questions, Legal and Government Affairs staff have been offering information and asking for input as we look to authority in the care of Inuvialuit children, and you will be hearing more about all these areas after the next board meeting. 



Duane Ningaqsiq Smith

Atanrur̂uq Katimar̂uanun

Chair & Chief Executive Officer



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