Inuvialuit Cultural Centre Pitquhiit-Pitqusiit

The Inuvialuit Cultural Centre was established in 1998 by Inuvialuit Regional Corporation. Its mandate includes the preservation and revitalization of the Inuvialuktun language in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). This goal is accomplished by utilizing the assistance of Elders, supporting Inuvialuktun teachers through the development of a language curriculum and promoting the on-going development of the Inuvialuktun language.

Originally based in Tuktoyaktuk, the centre moved to its present location in Inuvik to order to better serve the region, through easier access to all Inuvialuit communities and all levels of government.

Online resources like the Inuvialuit Digital Library, a website where you can find language material, audio and video recordings, and archival photographs is also available through collaboration of Digital North Library (U of A digital archivists) with Inuvialuit Cultural Centre. The photo is from the recent Inuvialuit Voices Story Telling Gathering meant to build on this work.

Visit the Inuvialuit Digital Library here: