Inuvialuit Enrolment

Enrolment: Once an individual turns 18, they are eligible to apply for enrolment under the Inuvialuit Trust.

In order to apply, an individual must submit a new application package including birth registration documents (if not already provided during the registration process), information about the applicant and their ancestry. The individual - and not their parents - must sign the completed application.


Enrolment applications are available to download here:

2022 Inuvialuit Trust Application for Enrolment

More information for 2022 Enrolment applicants and March 2022 deadline to become a beneficiary in the Inuvialuit Trust.


Inuvialuit Beneficiaries - Register your children with IRC:

Download a Child Information Form to Register your Children


Further information regarding registration and enrolment or contact IRC Enrolment:

Question and Answer Sheet regarding Enrolment and Registration Information


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