IFA-101 Project Prepares For Soon-To-Be Released eLearning Program

IFA 101 Project Prepares For Soon-To-Be Released eLearning Program

In the 30-plus years since the signing of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA), a new generation of Inuvialuit and the people they interact with has come into being. Many do not have first-hand knowledge and cannot use the IFA to meet its intended goals, nor adapt it to meet future needs.

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and the Joint Secretariat have been working together on the IFA-101 Project to increase the understanding and importance of the IFA. Last October, they announced the release of a dedicated website - www.IFA101.com -  that housed a digital version of the IFA document – indexed and searchable.

Visit the IFA 101 website

A soon-to-be released eLearning Program (summer 2018) will continue to add to the IFA-101 Project. 

The eLearning modules will consist of the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tradition to Transition - Ingilraani to Taimani
  3. Steps Along the Way to the IFA
  4. The Western Arctic Claim - IFA
  5. Implementing the IFA

Self-paced, narrated, and visually appealing through the use of multimedia components, the program will be available on-demand through the IFA-101 website and via DVD. It aims to create awareness and develop curiosity surrounding the IFA.  

COPE Negotiators/Staff Gathering

As part of the information collecting process for the eLearning Program, a COPE Negotiators/Staff Gathering was held in January at the Inuvialuit Cultural Centre (ICRC).

Nellie Cournoyea, Robert Kuptana, Renie Arey, Annie Goose, Peter Green, Gilbert Thrasher Sr., Randal (Boogie) Pokiak, Annie C. Gordon, Joey Carpenter, and Bob DeLury spoke on their role in the IFA negotiations, the need for a land claim, their thoughts on the major successes of the IFA, and most importantly, what they would like the current and younger generations of Inuvialuit to know about the IFA. 

To facilitate the passing on of IFA knowledge to the younger Inuvialuit generation, five individuals attended the gathering. Kayla Hansen-Craik, Michel Lindsay, Jessica Stewart, Jodie Maring, and Devalynn Pokiak provided on-going feedback concerning the eLearning Program of the IFA-101 Project.

Inuvialuit Communications Society recorded the gathering to produce a short video of the participants’ collective knowledge of the IFA. As well, short clips would be developed for the education and better understanding of the IFA.     

If you have any questions about the IFA-101 Project, please contact:

Peggy Jay
Manager, Public Relations
Tel: (867) 777-7004