Inuvialuit prepared to celebrate Inuvialuit Day at a distance

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) is prepared to celebrate Inuvialuit Day at a distance this year. Events led by Community Corporations to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement will now need to be celebrated in family settings.

An online performance of community drum dance groups will be offered on Inuvialuit Day on IRC’s Facebook page.  

Traditionally, Inuvialuit might arrive back from their family camps by mid-June with their muskrats, ducks, geese and fish to then prepare for the beluga harvest. In 2020, IRC Chair and CEO Duane Smith is “pleased to see many Inuvialuit have planned to be on the land and will be celebrating Inuvialuit Day at their camps.  IRC’s On the Land support has assisted 541 families, meaning that 1,986 total individuals can spend extended amounts of time enjoying their spring out on the land.”

IRC appreciates your effort to prevent any spread of pandemic COVID-19 disease by learning the advice of the Chief Public Health Officers, making the necessary adjustments in your lives and taking precautions with your actions.  Your sacrifices, patience and willingness to accept restrictions have kept us safe with 0 cases of community spread within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region to date.

Please continue to be proactive, wash your hands and follow all physical distancing advice so we can get through this time and look forward to future Inuvialuit Day celebrations in our communities.


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