Inuvialuit Regional Corporation insists on precautions for Communities, while preparing to close non-essential services

IRC now formally asks that only those required for essential services travel into the Inuvialuit Settlement Region and further asks people in the Region to follow the latest Public Health recommendations of self-monitoring and self-isolation.  Inuvialuit Regional Corporation has been preparing for closures to non-essential services within IRC. As of March 19, 2020, all non-essential services will be limited and staff will be directed to work out of their homes.  The Corporate Office in Inuvik will be closed to the public as well as the Inuvialuit Land Administration Office in Tuktoyaktuk.

IRC will continue to emphasize specific Regional needs for required basic services directly to all levels of government, especially in relation to their responsibilities around healthcare and food security. This includes pushing for assurance that transportation corridors like the Dempster Highway will remain open as long as possible for access to heating fuel and needed supplies and also advocating to best ensure health response and preparedness in ISR communities will be delivered promptly along with adequate capacity and funding.

Also, we are already looking at ways to understand, anticipate and lessen social and economic impacts to those in the Region which will come as a result of COVID-19 and the related measures taken to address it. The first priority is to keep communities free of coronavirus.

IRC has been cancelling non-essential meetings and travel, and now formally recommends that ISR communities also suspend meetings, programs and limit those coming into their communities to be restricted to only those individuals essential for community services.

IRC also suggests that the Community Corporations consider closure of their respective offices or limiting access only to essential services.

IRC is abiding by recommendations for a 14-day isolation period concerning those returning from any recent travel or experiencing symptoms. IRC expects the staff as well as everyone living in and visiting the Inuvialuit Settlement Region for essential work to also abide by these processes.

In most cases IRC staff will continue to have consistent access to email and will be able to answer questions about their responsible areas of programs and services. In the case that beneficiaries can not reach staff by telephone, voicemails will be directed to staff emails.

IRC leadership, with support of senior management, will constantly continue to evaluate the situation and keep Inuvialuit and those in the Region informed of changes and needed information as we move forward. 

PDF of Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Closure Notice


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