Inuvialuit Regional Corporation offers our sincere condolences to the family and to the community of Aklavik with the passing of Agnes Tardiff

enrollment committee

IRC Chair & Chief Executive Officer Duane Ningaqsiq Smith extends his condolences with the passing of elder Agnes Tardiff, an original member of the Inuvialuit Enrollment Committee representing Aklavik.

She was the Corporate Manager for the Aklavik Community Corporation for many years, managing the Corporation’s interests and assisting its Board of Directors until her retirement in 2015.

When negotiating the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, COPE (the Committee for Original Peoples Entitlement) selected Agnes along with other Inuvialuit advisors to begin drafting the eligible voters list of membership. She continued her work with the Inuvialuit Enrollment Committee – a committee tasked with the responsibility to review all applications to the Inuvialuit Trust. Agnes was an active participant of the Enrollment Committee and was thorough in her entire approach to any considerations. She was steadfast in her work and very fair.

On behalf of the IRC Board and staff of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation sincere condolences are offered to her husband Frederick, their four children and grandchildren, and the community of Aklavik in the passing of Agnes.