Inuvialuit Regional Corporation thanks those who are on the land. The funding is now closed.

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) is grateful to have been able to provide some contribution, with the help from partnering businesses, to support long-term activities on the land.  The 2-month application opportunity is now closed.  

IRC Chair and CEO Duane Smith would like to “thank everyone who put in expressions of interest and applications to this program.  We wish all the families and individuals on the land a safe and bountiful time.”

Willingness from families and individuals, who were ready, able, and who immediately left their communities to live for extended periods of time out on the land is appreciated.  Time spent on the land contributes to overall health and well-being and encourages cultural connectedness. 

In addition, this opportunity assisted with physical distancing requirements for continued adherence to recommendations from the Chief Public Health Office in the overall effort and collective response to prevent COVID-19.  So far, zero cases of COVID-19 have been transmitted within our Region; your proactive actions including time getting out on the land have allowed for containment and no community spread of this pandemic coronavirus.  

View and Download Notice Inuvialuit Regional Corporation thanks those who are on the land.  The funding is now closed.