IRC adds funds to construct and operate a Regional Transitional Home for Women and Children

child picking berries

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) has attained new Federal funds to build and run a Transitional Home for women and children.  This home will provide much-needed services for women and for children.  Importantly, this service will be in addition to the existing transitional and shelter services offered in the Region.  Through this new location, IRC will increase access to needed space and raise the quality and cultural suitability of the support offered for women and children.

“It has been recognized by Canada that access to secure, peaceful, thriving homes has been limited for Inuvialuit and all Indigenous people due to long-standing and systemic racism and exacerbated by the history of residential schools and colonialization.  IRC will not tolerate women and children being exposed to harm or instability; the need for safe adequate accommodation is a basis for wellness and a basic human right.  IRC is looking forward to creating this new, secure place for Indigenous women and children while we also look to further increase regional capacity and supports,” said IRC Chair and CEO Duane Ningaqsiq Smith.

The funds offer opportunity for the creation of community infrastructure IRC has continued to negotiate, advocate and push government for.  IRC recognizes this commitment from the Federal government as another step towards reconciliation and another process designed to meet Federal obligations under the Inuvialuit Final Agreement and enhance Inuvialuit self determination.  IRC will continue its advocacy on behalf of its Beneficiaries and will continue to ensure that the Inuvialuit culture and way of life will inform and drive the new programs and additional supports IRC has – and will continue to – provide. 

Press Release IRC adds funds to construct and operate a Regional Transitional Home for Women and Children