IRC and IDC offer freight for community supplies

Letter from Chair and CEO to CC Chairs Regarding Aklak Charter freight

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and Inuvialuit Development Corporation have been engaged with the Government of Canada and the GNWT on ways that we can continue to provide vital air services to the Region. These negotiations have allowed Aklak to return to a pre-pandemic flight schedule and now allow for passengers and vital cargo to move freely between the communities.

As we continue to evaluate the funding opportunities and the needs of the communities IRC and IDC are pleased to offer some additional advantages to community corporations until the end of 2020.

  1. Charter Aircraft – in order to maximise the efficiency of charter flights IRC and IDC will offer Community Corporations space for free for the movement of community goods and harvesting equipment (such as snow machines, four wheelers, other equipment, etc.) or building supplies that are not going to be re-sold. Much of this equipment is large and as such we would ask Community Corporations to let us know by the end of October what equipment needs to be moved and when so that we can plan accordingly.
  2. Discounted Food Orders from Stantons – until the end of the year residents of the ISR communities will not be charged the air freight costs of food orders from Stantons.

This funding is limited, and only available until the end of the year. Please have your Community Corporation reach out to Ken Dalton at Aklak with any questions or needs so that we can best utilise the funding and aircraft.