On the Land Support from Inuvialuit Regional Corporation for the Qitchirvik Season Now Closed

landscape by reindeer hills

Update that applications are now closed, safe travels on the land with your families over Christmas.

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation is pleased to announce a new round of On the Land Support funds now open if your household plans to be on the land in December or through the Quviahukvik, Qitchirvik, Christmas holidays.


This support is given for beneficiaries to engage in family bonding, cultural activities and life skills safely at your camps, while also allowing families to practice “distancing,” adding to precautionary efforts during this pandemic time.


IRC is especially grateful that the federal government currently agrees with the value and can see the cultural relevance of On the Land (OTL) opportunities as a basic and initial reconciliation measure- for Inuvialuit to be able to spend time out on the land. We are aware that beneficiaries have enjoyed and benefited from previous OTL rounds and because of this positive feedback IRC is proud to announce a continuation. IRC is appreciative of businesses and vendors in our communities who are willing and will be able to assist us as beneficiaries spend vouchers on their needed supplies and gas to go on the land for your winter season activities.


Please read the necessary details so that IRC can deliver these support funds smoothly;


  • Deadline to express interest to IRC is November 27th, 2020 at 5pm.


  • Email your complete information to: ontheland@inuvialuit.com (if you do not have email you may call IRC 777-7000 during office hours).


  • $600 for groceries and $200 for gas is to be made available to support your activities.  Gas vouchers may need to be spent all at once (contact your participating businesses for details).


  • IRC will contact beneficiaries who have applied starting December 7. Vouchers must then be spent by January 1, 2021.


Contact ontheland@inuvialuit.com with any questions you may have for the On the Land Support Program and understand that IRC needs to adhere to all deadlines and requirements for the program.