Public Announcement to Beneficiaries Re: Support Funds due to COVID-19

Please be advised that IRC’s Health & Wellness Division is receiving a high-volume of COVID-19 Funding requests from two support programs: Child First Initiative and On the Land Fund. While we have staff working hard daily (including after hours and weekends) with the Federal Government to coordinate all these efforts, response time may be slower than expected.  We are trying to address all requests within a few days of receipt.

We also recognize the emergency state we all find ourselves in at this time and are doing our utmost to accommodate each beneficiary. We please ask for continued patience as we work with our partners to ensure people are supported at this time.

Details needed to submit for both Child First Initiative and On the Land Support are provided below. We have listed the information needed to process your request quickly.

Child First Initiative

(Note: this only applies to beneficiaries with children under 18).

For CFI requests, we first ask that families self-isolate at home.   

Information that will make the application easier to process include the following:

  • Detail descriptions of their request (related to COVID-19)

  • Health care card number/Land Claim Number of each family member, including parents.

  • Parents names, location, and contact numbers. In case we need more information, we will be able to contact you directly.

  • Your preferred shopping store for PO creation

Requests can be made to Rhonda John at

Please understand that at this time, Rhonda will only be addressing COVID-19 related Child First Initiative (CFI) requests. All other CFI Service requests will be looked once the COVID-19 pandemic has settled.  Child First Initiative is a Federal program to ensure Inuit children have access to the health, social and educational products, services and supports they need.


On the Land

For On the Land requests please continue to submit requests to

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) is offering beneficiaries with an established camp or cabin and ready transportation the short-term financial assistance to get out, with priority to beneficiaries who are willing to spend 14 or more days On the Land.

Call for Expressions of Interest with the following information:

  • Your name and contact (phone or email)

  • How many people you will take out on the land and their names

  • Location of your camp or cabin and how you will get there

  • How long you will go out

  • Level of experience on the land and communication/emergency plan.

If you have already left the community for your camp to spend an extended time on the land, IRC encourages you to save your grocery and fuel receipts for a possible reimbursement upon return. 


IRC thanks beneficiaries again for their continued patience and their interest in these programs.  If you have submitted requests to Child First Initiative or On the Land support, or plan to submit your detailed request, be assured you will hear back soon from IRC’s Health & Wellness staff.

View or Download pdf Public Announcement to Beneficiaries Re: Support Funds due to COVID-19