Release of the Beaufort Region Strategic Environmental Assessment Final Report

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation is pleased to release the Beaufort Region Strategic Environmental Assessment Final (Assessment Report). The initiative was led in partnership between the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, the Inuvialuit Game Council, and Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

Relying on a complement of traditional knowledge and western science, the Assessment Report considers factors impacting and valued ecosystem components impacted by potential offshore oil and gas activity in the Beaufort Sea, which forms a significant part of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.  The Assessment Report, which was prepared by the consulting firm Kavik-Stantec, is intended to support decision-making around possible future resource development and management, environmental conservation programs, subsistence activities and other complementary commercial activities.  It also takes into account mitigation measures to reduce potential impacts and looks at changes in the state of the ecosystem.

The Assessment report will, along with other assessments, inform the 5-year review of the moratorium on oil and gas activities in the western portion of Canada’s Arctic offshore. The moratorium was announced in the United States–Canada Joint Arctic Leaders’ Statement in December 2016.


“Important for building the shared, general knowledge and future self-determination in this area, the Beaufort Region Strategic Environmental Assessment was completed with continuous participation and commitment from community organizations and individuals.  This report builds on the foundation of many traditional knowledge initiatives as well as the Beaufort Region Environmental Assessment.  Inuvialuit Regional Corporation would like to express appreciation to all who contributed to workshops, shared their traditional knowledge, participated in projects, led the research and attended meetings.”

-Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Chair and CEO Duane Ningaqsiq Smith


"The Inuvialuit Game Council, as the body that represents the Inuvialuit in all matters that pertain to wildlife, believes that the future of the Beaufort Sea and management of its resources is best served when it brings together the best information, from both scientific and traditional knowledge. We are proud to continue to work with Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and the Federal Government on ensuring that Inuvialuit benefit from the activities in the Beaufort Sea while still being able to sustain our traditional culture and practices. We thank all that have contributed and participated in this assessment and the good work that fed into this project from previous programs, and I especially want to thank the staff of our organizations for their dedication and hard work to see this project through.”  

-Inuvialuit Game Council Acting Chair Jim Elias


The final report can be accessed online:


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