Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)

Indigenous Services Canada provides eligible clients with coverage for a specified range of medically necessary health-related goods and services when not covered through private insurance plans or territorial health and social programs. IRC's Health & Wellness offers support through this process with the Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator.  

This includes prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication, medical supplies and equipment, mental health counselling, dental care, vision care, and medical transportation.

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An eligible client must be identified as a resident of Canada. They must also be a registered Inuvialuit (or registered through another Land Claim organization).

An infant less than 1 year of age, whose parent is an eligible client, is also eligible.  After 1 year, children need to register with their land claim organization in order to register with NIHB, see details and contacts below.

Frequently Asked Questions



This is your personal identification number as an eligible Inuvialuit/Inuit client of the Non-Insured Health Benefit (NIHB) Program. Your ‘N’ number is different than your health care number and your Inuvialuit enrolment number, you have to remember your ‘N’ number and provide it to service providers outside your home territory (dentist, pharmacist, etc.) who provide health services to you. While IRC does not issue this #, IRC staff can help you find or register for a NIHB Inuit N#:

Jennifer Picek RN
Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator 



If you have lost your ‘N’ number or do not know what it is, you may contact Jennifer Picek by email:  Tel: (867)777-7024  Toll free: 1(855)777-7011

Contact the Indigenous Services NIHB regional office in your area, for the NWT it is Toll free: 1 (888) 332-9222 or GNWT NIHB office 1 (867) 777-7434 or toll free: 1 (800) 661-0830 ext. 0

In order to apply/register for a Non-Insured Health Benefit (NIHB) Inuit N# with NIHB please provide the following to NIHB:

- letter of recognition from the Inuit association that you belong to or
- a copy of your NTI or IRC card
- along with a copy of your birth certificate
- and your return address and contact information

Please send your request along with scanned documents to this generic email address or you can fax them to 613-954-2041. An N number will then be sent to you. You can find even more information at the Government of Canada, Indigenous Services Canada link above.



Inuvialuit and Nunavut region

  • In both the Inuvialuit Settlement Region and Nunavut, your child is automatically covered if they are less than one year old and have an eligible parent who is registered for NIHB Program benefits.
  • Children older than one year of age must be registered with the land claim organization. Parents and guardians are encouraged to register children before their first birthday to make sure NIHB coverage continues under the child’s own identification number (‘N’ number). Please register children with IRC's Enrolment Department.



Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator

The Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator also works to increase awareness and access to health and benefit services for eligible clients, including territorial health insured services and supplemental health programs, and non-insured health services and benefits.

They participate in various health and social service forums to gain information on improving Inuvialuit health.

The Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator also acts as the first point of contact for communities, organizations, and individuals requesting information, support, and/or advocacy on territorial health systems and/or NIHB.

They support eligible clients towards a resolution of complex cases, denials, and appeals.

Did you know? You have the right to appeal the decision when coverage has been denied by NIHB. Talk to the Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator today!

NIHB navigators, including the Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator, work to improve awareness of the NIHB program and provide information on the eligible benefit areas. This includes:

  • Guidance in accessing these eligible benefits.
  • Linkages with territorial programs as well as other administrative issues surrounding the NIHB program.
  • Procedures to address denial and appeals.

By working with community health workers and service providers, navigators work to improve access to the NIHB program for eligible clients.

For a case to be reviewed as an appeal, a letter from the recipient or parent/guardian must be mailed to the NIHB program along with supporting information from the provider or prescriber. This includes:

  • The condition for which the benefit is being requested.
  • The diagnosis and prognosis, including what other alternatives have been tried.
  • Relevant diagnostic test results.
  • Justification for the proposed treatment and any additional supporting information.

Any questions about the appeal process can be directed to the Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator.  You may contact Jennifer Picek RN by email:  Tel: (867)777-7024  Toll free: 1(855)777-7011

If you have any questions about Non-Insured Health Benefits, please contact:

Jennifer Picek RN
Health & Wellness Division
Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator 

Indigenous Services Canada provides eligible Inuvialuit with coverage for a specified range of medically necessary health-related goods and services when not covered through private insurance plans or territorial health and social programs. IRC's Health & Wellness offers support through this process with Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator.