Inukshuk Geomatics Inc.

Inukshuk Geomatics Inc. is a majority Aboriginal-owned geomatics company, jointly owned by the Inuvialuit Development Corporation and Challenger Geomatics Ltd. Inukshuk is incorporated under the laws of the Northwest Territories and is the only company included in the Inuvialuit Business List that has a Permit to Practice, issued by the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors. Inukshuk is also registered as a PSAB business and maintains BIP status.

Inukshuk’s corporate goals are to:

  • Facilitate the development of resources and capacity related to geomatics
  • Enable the Inuvialuit to fully participate in geomatics activities in their respective regions
  • Demonstrate a long-term commitment to sustainable development in Canada’s North
  • Develop and employ Inuvialuit and Indigenous people
  • Deliver innovative and high quality geomatics services at competitive rates

Since its incorporation in 2000, Inukshuk Geomatics Inc. has been an active geomatics firm providing a range of professional services to Northern Canada including subdivisions; wellsite and pipeline surveys; highway and other construction surveys; bathymetry surveys; precise control surveys; underground locating and survey support for environmental reclamation projects; mapping in support of Traditional Ecological Knowledge Studies; aerial mapping and photography; training; and various mapping products using public and purchased spatial data sets.

Inukshuk team members are drawn from the local communities on a project basis with technical and professional staffing provided by Inukshuk’s partner, Challenger Geomatics.