In 2021, IRC passed its first law: Inuvialuit Qitunrariit Inuuniarnikkun Maligaksat which means Inuvialuit Family Way of Life Law.

Named by Inuvialuit Elders to reflect all three dialects, this law implements the inherent rights of Inuvialuit to govern Inuvialuit children, youth, and families, as established in UNDRIP and Bill C-92.  Based on specific feedback heard during consultation with communities, the law has 4 key principles:

  • Cultural Continuity and keeping children in community
  • Enhancing Supports to families 
  • Enhanced Access to and sharing of Information
  • Growing Inuvialuit jurisdiction – based on Inuvialuit time lines

We are currently in discussions with federal, territorial and provincial governments to fund this work, which will lead to the creation of a new child wellbeing organization within IRC: Inuvialuit Qitunrariit Inuuniarnikkun Maligaksat.

At this time, IRC can provide social and cultural services and specific types of legal support to children in care. If you have a question about a child in care, please contact:

More information on how we can help: 

Read the law at the Inuvialuit Law Registry

News release November 24, 2021

Presentation to the Board, November 2021

IRC Legislation Backgrounder