Inuvialuit Game Council and Co-Management Bodies Established in the IFA

In anticipation of the signing of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA), the Inuvialuit Game Council (IGC) was established in 1983 to represent the collective Inuvialuit interests in all matters relating to wildlife. The council consists of an elected chair and a 12-member board, containing two representatives from each of the Hunters and Trappers Committees (HTCs) in the six Inuvialuit Settlement Region communities.

The responsibilities of the IGC include representing the collective interest in wildlife management and wildlife habitat (including the environment) shared by all Inuvialuit. The IGC is the authoritative body that looks after harvesting rights, renewable resource management and conservation within the ISR.

The IGC appoints Inuvialuit members to all co-management bodies under the IFA.  The following is a list of the joint management councils, committees and boards:

  1. Wildlife Management Advisory Council (Northwest Territories)
  2. Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope, Yukon)
  3. Fisheries Joint Management Committee
  4. Environmental Impact Screening Committee
  5. Environmental Impact Review Board
  6. Research Advisory Council

Inuvialuit Hunters and Trappers Committees

Each community in the ISR has its own Hunters and Trappers Committee (HTCs). This group is responsible for certain harvesting rights and management functions as outlined in the IFA.

Members in HTCs must be enrolled or eligible for enrolment if under the age of 18. They must also be a resident in the community they represent and a member of the community corporation.