Inuvialuit Reindeer

Ownership transfer of the herd to ICEDO was announced August 4, 2021.  The intent is to grow the herd to sustainable levels, with the support of communities and the work of herders, in order to contribute to food sovereignty.

Country Foods Processing 

The Principle behind the plant is to acquire country food from Inuvialuit and distribute back to Inuvialuit that may not have the means to obtain country food.  

The Country Food Processing Plant was moved to its permanent location in the summer of 2021.  An extensive 3-week training course was held that trained 12 Inuvialuit in the operational skills, and management of the plant.  Students also received their food safe certificates. 

To date, the plant remains operational and has a staff of 5 Inuvialuit.

An additional, new job opening for a Country Food Processing Plant Operator was posted December 2021 applications closing January 14, 2022.

The processing plant and its employees have worked with moose, reindeer, muskox, beaver, whale, and numerous species of fish.  The raw material is sourced through the 6 Hunters and Trappers Committees in each of the ISR communities.

IRC Craft Shop

The IRC Craft Shop is now operated by Inuvialuit Community Economic Development Organization (ICEDO) under the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and has launched an online sales site to expand opportunity for those working in arts and crafts in addition to the physical, in-person IRC Craft Shop.

Online Store can be reached here to purchase local, handcrafted Inuvialuit art.

Quyanainni, quana, quyanaqpak for your purchases and continued support of Inuvialuk artists and craftspeople in-person and online.

Inuvialuit Mural Project

In close collaboration with Community Corporations to select arts and create artwork that best represents their community- ICEDO is commissioning 33 Inuvialuit Murals to be painted and reproduced in high resolution on weatherproof material.  

The large scale artwork is then to be displayed in ISR communities and, together, showcase the art in the regional hub and tourist gateway of Inuvik to bring Inuvialuit pride and to beautify the streets.

The project compensates artists at home in their communities for their work and is meant to direct financial relief to artists as we look forward to future tourism- visitors to Inuvik will get a glimpse and more understanding of the region through this project with the opportunity to show Inuvialuit art. 

Contact your Community Corporation to get involved or with questions about the Inuvialuit Mural Project.


ICEDO is committed to building capacity in drone operations and is training beneficiaries to take on drone missions in the ISR.  Individuals are now completing advanced levels of training in mission planning, gathering data and imagery and are ready to contribute to various projects.