Kipnik Inc.

As an Inuvialuit owned company, Kipnik Inc. provides customized maintenance and operations, support services, airport services, and wildlife security solutions throughout the Canadian Arctic.  We have a strong track record of providing staff for projects throughout the north, and are committed to operating with the mandate of developing long-term socio-economic benefits for Indigenous peoples, businesses and communities.  From remote wildlife monitoring to trades and general labour, we are proud to provide high-quality service and flexibility in the harshest and most remote locations.

At Kipnik, we are committed to the highest safety and quality standards, and leverage our innovative skilled service solutions and expertise to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Goods and Services

Infrastructure Maintenance & Operations

  1. Building operations and maintenance
  2. Accommodation and janitorial services
  3. Hazardous waste and material control
  4. Roads and grounds maintenance including snow and ice removal
  5. Potable water
  6. Power generation
  7. Petroleum management and disposal
  8. Vehicle/Equipment maintenance and repair
  9. Wildlife monitoring and security solutions


  1. Air traffic control and weather information services
  2. Airfield electrical and navigational aids, maintenance
  3. Aircraft crash rescue and fire fighting
  4. Flight simulator maintenance
  5. Runway maintenance
  6. Snow removal and ice control
  7. Passenger and terminal services
  8. Aircraft de-icing
  9. Aircraft fueling services