Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Strategic Plan 2019- 2021

Principles of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement: 

1. To preserve Inuvialuit cultural identity and values within a changing northern society 

2. To enable Inuvialuit to be equal and meaningful participants in the northern and national economy and society 

3. To protect and preserve the Arctic wildlife, environment and biological productivity 

Strategic Goals to achieve the Principles: 

1. Revitalize and celebrate Inuvialuit cultural identity and values within a changing northern society 

2. Exercise stewardship over Inuvialuit Lands 

3. Improve the capacity and well-being of individuals, families and communities 

a. Promoting Healthier lifestyles 

b. Supporting educational development 

4. Continue to assert Inuvialuit rights and benefits through implementation of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement 

a. Governance 

b. Advocacy and Rights 

  1. c. Economic Development 

5. Take an evidence-based decision-making approach to policy development and advocacy 

6. Manage optimally the human, physical and financial resources of the Inuvialuit Corporate Group 

In January 2019 a (42) Director Strategic Planning session was facilitated by the IRC Staff over a day of discussion. 

The (6) groups rotated through the (6) goals and had many common themes or message including; 

– We need to converse in Inuvialuktun as part of our everyday life, in the schools, in our organizations, at our events. IRC and the ICRC need to offer tools and resources for Inuvialuit to enhance their language learning. Inuvialuit should create a long-term language learning plan. 

– The communities need proper facilities on the Land to offer workshops and development in the traditional ways of Inuvialuit and promote wellness and healing. 

– Update all Land Management plans, implement updated plans and systems, enforce ILA Rules and Procedures, administer the ILAC and communicate the results. 

– Healing should occur on the Land with aftercare supports in the communities. 

– Advocate and partner on a Regional Detox facility 

– Help organizing and assisting the Youth in key governance development 

– Offer a comprehensive Oral Health program for the communities 

– Offer labour market and capacity training in the communities 

– Advocate for changes in Educational system that promote early learning in literacy and numeracy, set targets 

– Ensure Inuvialuit are meaningfully involved in all Research in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) with Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Western Science are equally considered in policy/decisions 

– Mentor Inuvialuit in all aspects of the Corporation and communities 

– Perform periodic review of IFA with its state of implementation 

– Advocate and promote community economic development opportunities 

– Update Board governance, policies and administration – provide support to communities. 

– Communicate all efforts and results 

Read the whole strategic plan by viewing and downloading the available pdf document.