• Site Works Engineering Design and Owners Engineer Support Services with Form of Contract attached

  • Site Works RFP – Questions and Answer to View and Download

IPC did not attach a contract to the RFP document for engineering consulting services. Does IPC have a contract that they propose to use to engage the consultant on the project?

In response to requests from proponents, IPC will provide a form of contract that will provide the basis for the terms of engagement. This will be added to the RFP documents as an Addendum by end of business on August 18, 2020.

Can IPC provide a 2 week extension to the closing date for the RFP?

IPC will extend the closing date to September 3, 2020 at 15:00h MT. This new date is included in the attached RFP.

Can IPC provide clarification for costing the construction support phase? Which approach below would you like us to follow? a or b? a. The RFP Schedule (page 2 – Key Anticipated Dates) states a construction period of January to April 2021. b. Form B: Proposed Milestone Dates shows Construction and Construction Support Services from February to April 30, 2021.

Form B has been updated at the referenced row to read: “Owner’s Engineer Services”. Owner’s Engineer Services are anticipated to be required starting in February 2021. However, certain construction-related activities, including preparation and review of tender documents are anticipated to begin before February. This update is included in the attached RFP.