If you have any questions regarding the work that is done by the capacity team, please contact:


Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
107 Mackenzie Road
Bag Service #7
Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0
Katherine Ciboci
Capacity Advisor
Leanna Steen
Capacity Advisor

Capacity Advisors are Katherine Ciboci and Leanna Steen, reporting to Lucy Kuptana, Director of Operations.

Much of their work aligns and supports other reporting areas, like meeting to make more apprenticeship opportunities with IDC Construction, or the ongoing Development of the Inuvialuit Bachelor of Education Immersion program you might also find under Inuvialuktun and Cultural area goals.

Contribution to the IESP Opportunities Guide falls under their mandate, and their work has recently meant conducting follow-up interviews regarding career interests and encouraging possible ongoing apprenticeships with Ferus Summer studentsWith such work, the Capacity team is closely involved in supporting the needs of the ISR communities and its beneficiaries.

Capacity Advisors work with community members to improve or enhance all areas of obtaining a meaningful lifestyle with dignity, whether it be healthy living, cultural activities, or increasing education levels. The needs are met by working together with partnerships to navigate challenges or barriers and by developing programs and skills to support beneficiaries. Community members must lead the successful initiatives.

Email Katherine: and Leanna:

Some of their to-do list:

-Create an Inuvialuit Labour Pool, comparing to Labour Market trends so that beneficiaries will know where gaps are to fill.

-Put together material about post secondary requirements for designated careers.

-Help and provide additional support so students stay in school; research Housing policy for those attending school outside their community.

-Meet with CCs to identify training needs in the ISR.

-Participate in Steering Committee on Digital Literacy.

-Work with HR to develop and implement succession plans for each role within the Inuvialuit Corporate Group.

The main objectives and goals of the Capacity Advisors are to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders and beneficiaries to enable Inuvialuit to be equal and meaningful participants in all areas of employment and training opportunities.