Congratulations on 25 years of the Tuktut Nogait Agreement

June 10, 2021

The image is of Edward Ruben (pictured in 1977) who signed the Tuktut Nogait Agreement (June 28, 1996) as witness for Paulatuk Community Corporation along with other signatories for Inuvialuit and for Canada.

“Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) congratulates our co-signatories Canada, the Paulatuk Community Corporation, the Paulatuk Hunters and Trappers Committee and Inuvialuit Game Council for 25 years of a successful, collaborative agreement to establish and maintain a park for and with Canada, an agreement negotiated to include a satisfactory process of joint decision-making and sufficient financial resources from Canada set in place to do this work.  

The Tuktut Nogait Agreement is due to the efforts of the local community and is made to be simultaneously aligned with implementing our broader goals as Inuvialuit.

This document was signed by Inuvialuit leadership 25 years ago as an enhancement, consistent with established IFA principles, to promote culture, open up opportunity to economic participation and protect lands, animals and birds for Inuvialuit subsistence hunting and for the use and enjoyment of future generations across this area of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. This area is our traditional territory, from the Tundra Hills all along the Amundsen Gulf and Darnley Bay, up the Outwash River, including the Brock and Hornaday River Deltas, the Bluenose caribou herd, and all together, the park encompasses 18,890 sq. kms.  

We hope the further implementation of this agreement only enhances opportunity in eco-tourism for Inuvialuit guides and guiding businesses into the area by land and sea routes, plus offering chances for Inuvialuit in all the other economic pursuits needed in support of visitors and the local community, while leaving intact the rights to subsistence hunting for our children.  This agreement was collaboratively made with all respect and priority consideration for cultural continuity and we know that this rich, impressive land will continue to instill pride in future generations of Inuvialuit and Canadians.

Congratulations to all Inuvialuit and to Canada for 25 years of Tuktut Nogait National Park. 

Spend some time learning about the vast geography of this part of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, its generous subsistence resources and the long, abundant cultural history of Tuktut Nogait! Aar̂igaa”

IRC Chair and CEO Duane Ningaqsiq Smith

Read and Download Inuvialuit Regional Corporation’s press release, Congratulations on 25 years of the Tuktut Nogait Agreement

Read and Download the Tuktut Nogait Agreement

A map from the Tuktut Nogait Agreement: