Inuvialuit Elders Home Repairs

November 5, 2021

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) is pleased to announce that Elders Home Repairs will be starting in each ISR community.  Tenders for the work of doing repairs will be sent to Inuvialuit and to local contractors identifying opportunities to contribute to the delivery of this work across the ISR.

“The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation has successfully advocated for funds and is now allocating the money for repairs on each Inuvialuit Elder’s home in the region.  IRC is investing in this project so that Elders can age in place, with lower energy bills and for their increased comfort,” said Duane Ningaqsiq Smith IRC Chair and CEO.

The IRC will continue to advocate for additional funds so that this program can continue, with the potential to expand to additional age groups of beneficiary homeowners.

IRC staff will be contacting Inuvialuit Elders who have had home evaluations done to let them know about repairs that have been approved for their homes and the timeline for when the repairs will be available.

Each Elder’s home evaluated through this program will be receiving some repair work.

  • If you are an Elder beneficiary homeowner who has not yet had an evaluation completed on your home, please contact Jude Weigel, Manager, Housing Repairs at or phone 867 777-7000.
  • Businesses looking for local contracting opportunities can contact Jude at IRC to receive tenders directly.  

IRC looks forward to these home repairs being completed for the comfort of our Elders and would like Inuvialuit and local businesses to be ready for work that is coming out for tender.

Inuvialuit Elders Home Repairs Press Release