Inuvialuit Elders to receive benefit from IRC on December 1, 2021

December 1, 2021

Mini Northern Games in Tuktoyaktuk, 1983

All Inuvialuit beneficiaries over the age of 60 will receive an Elders Benefit of $500 in December.

The Elders Benefit is made possible by the interest income of the $7.5 million Inuvialuit Social Development Fund and was approved by the IRC Board of Directors at their regular meeting last week. 

“I’m proud to be able to distribute this dividend to Inuvialuit Elders every December,” said IRC Chair and CEO Duane Ningaqsiq Smith. “Our hard work and community investments are contributing directly to our ability to support and show respect for our growing and healthier number of Elders.”

Issued on December 1, 2021 the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation will:

  • Deposit $500 directly to Inuvialuit Elders banking accounts for those Elders already registered for direct deposit (Electronic Fund Transfer) with IRC Enrolment,  
  • Send Elders Benefit cheques out to Community Corporations across the Inuvialuit Settlement Region for distribution to Elders in their communities,
  • Mail benefit to those Elders outside the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (all Inuvialuit should keep a current address on file with IRC).

IRC appreciates your patience as we distribute the Elders Benefit. 

If you have questions concerning the Elders Benefit, please contact: Enrolment (867) 777-7000

Inuvialuit Elders to receive benefit from IRC on December 1, 2021