Inuvialuit Energy Security Project Update and Successes

October 19, 2021

Photo shows Charla Arnott, Lead Archaeologist; Letitia Pokiak, Assistant Archaeologist; Noel Raymond, Wildlife Monitor (left to right) conducting environmental field studies in September, 2021.

The Inuvialuit Petroleum Corporation (IPC) continues to have great success advancing the Inuvialuit Energy Security Project (IESP) which will provide a local energy supply with multi-generational economic and environmental benefits to the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.  In the summer of 2021, IPC advanced preparation for the civil works of the project as well as conducted environmental field studies on the project area to verify some of the knowledge gained during the community consultation process.  These activities generated $475,000 worth of income for Inuvialuit businesses and employed over 20 Inuvialuit beneficiaries.        

“IPC is committed to developing the IESP and ensuring that as much of the economic benefit and employment opportunities are offered to Inuvialuit” said Duane Ningaqsiq Smith, IRC Chair and CEO.  “We were also very fortunate to have one Inuvialuit beneficiary travel from the south and apply their advanced learnings in Archaeology during the field studies in early September.” Up next for IPC this winter will be a continuation of the onsite civil works and environmental remediation of the existing sump at the project site.  This work is anticipated to start once the ground has frozen and is expected to generate upwards of $3 million in revenue for Inuvialuit businesses and up to 40 construction jobs for Inuvialuit beneficiaries.  

IPC is a subsidiary of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC), established in 1984 to manage the settlement outlined in the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA), IRC represents the collective Inuvialuit interests in dealings with governments and the world at large. 

Inuvialuit Energy Security Project Update and Successes