Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and Inuvialuit Community Corporation Announce the Sale of Reindeer Station.

March 14, 2023

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Reindeer Station. The facility was purchased from the Inuvik Community Corporation and will continue to serve as the primary location for the delivery of cultural and wellness camps for Inuvialuit from across the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

Reindeer Station has been a vital location for the IRC’s cultural and wellness programs for many years and the facility will continue to be utilized in this way. The facility’s tranquil and pristine setting, situated in the ISR, has provided an important backdrop for healing, aftercare, and traditional cultural programming.

Significantly, the sale of Reindeer Station provides the opportunity for the Inuvik Community Corporation to expand its infrastructure and offer additional on-the-land and wellness programs through the development of a culture camp located on the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway.

Reindeer Station will continue to house programs offered by IRC’s Health & Wellness Division, also the opportunity to expand into other departments’ programming, such as Inuvialuit Science & Climate Change, Community Economic Development, and the Inuvialuit Lands Administration.

“We are delighted to have secured the purchase of Reindeer Station, which has played a significant role in promoting the cultural preservation, wellness, and healing of our community,” said Duane Ningaqsiq Smith, Chair and CEO of the IRC. “The facility’s acquisition will allow us to continue to deliver enhanced and regular cultural and wellness programs to Inuvialuit Beneficiaries and promote sustainable tourism in the region.”

IRC has grown significantly in the size of its staff and the programs and services it offers, the purchase of Reindeer Station is reflective of our organization’s growth and only further expresses IRC’s dedication in:

  • Preserving Inuvialuit cultural identity and values within a changing northern society.
  • Enable Inuvialuit to be equal and meaningful participants in the northern and national economy.
  • Protect and preserve the Arctic wildlife, environment, and biological productivity.

Reindeer Station is expected to continue to host a wide range of programs, including healing camps, land-based learning, and youth engagement activities. The IRC is committed to ensuring the facility remains accessible to Inuvialuit communities and organizations, as well as promoting its use for cultural preservation, research, and sustainable tourism.

“The acquisition of Reindeer Station is a testament to the IRC’s commitment to supporting the health, well-being, and cultural preservation of the Inuvialuit people,” said Rory Voudrach, Chair of the Inuvik Community Corporation. “We are confident that the IRC’s ownership of Reindeer Station will continue to support the growth and development of our community and promote the unique cultural heritage of the Inuvialuit people”.

For more information about Reindeer Station and the IRC’s cultural and wellness programs, please contact Alexandrea Gordon, Manager, Communications, at

About the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation  

Established in 1984 to manage the settlement outlined in the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA), Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) represents the collective interests of Inuvialuit in and beyond the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). The IRC works to continually improve the economic, social, and cultural well-being of the Inuvialuit through the implementation of the IFA and by all other available means.  

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