Inuvialuit Reindeer Herd

August 6, 2021

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) is pleased to announce new ownership of our reindeer herd.  This exciting news is part of long effort made by IRC under its commitment to strengthen food security and food sovereignty in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.  Concluding our dealings with Kunnek Resource Development Corporation (KRDC), an agreement has been reached to transfer the complete ownership of the reindeer to the Inuvialuit Community Economic Development Organization (ICEDO). 

“Inuvialuit have engaged in reindeer husbandry within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region for nearly a century. With their work and attention, the herd has provided food security and resources to generations of Inuvialuit families.  IRC wishes to see the herd continue to provide food security to its beneficiaries and it looks forward to the wider opportunity for nourishment and many economic opportunities the new ownership will provide,” said IRC Chair and CEO Duane Ningaqsiq Smith.

ICEDO, with the help of an Inuvialuit reindeer herding team, will be managing the revitalization of the herd.  The primary goal is to grow the herd’s size to a level that will support sustainable processing.  As ICEDO works to make this vision a reality, it will draw upon the skills and resources of members of our communities and respective organizations. IRC is confident that by working together, with a strong vision of the future, every Inuvialuk will benefit.

ICEDO would like to thank the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and the Northwest Territories Business Development Investment Corporation (BDIC) for their support in making this transfer a reality.  This transition of the reindeer ownership will allow the Binder/Pulk family legacy, and the legacy of past herders and owners, to be carried on by ICEDO while ensuring the herd has the resources it needs to provide country food for future generations of Inuvialuit.  

The IRC and ICEDO wish to thank beneficiaries for their ongoing support and continue to ask everyone to avoid any and all contact with the herd at this time.

For all matters related to the herd and its management, please contact Inuvialuit Community Economic Development Organization, Brian Wade, Associate Director at 867-777-7078 or

Inuvialuit Reindeer Herd Press Release