IRC providing funds to each beneficiary

November 15, 2021

The dolls of Rosie Albert are displayed at ICRC the Inuvialuit Cultural Centre.

Given the ongoing challenges brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic – and recognizing the need for continued support in all of our communities, please note that the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation will be providing each beneficiary with a $200 COVID support payment.  

 To ensure the rapid delivery of these payments, and to ensure that all Beneficiaries receive these payments in a timely fashion, IRC has already begun issuing these payments.  Those in receipt of electronic payments should have received their support payment already.  All other payments should be received this week.     

“IRC is pleased to be able to assist all beneficiaries with funds to help offset the effects of COVID-19 and allow you to stock more groceries, cleaning supplies and add to children’s activities at home,” said Duane Ningaqsiq Smith, IRC Chair and CEO. 

IRC has successfully advocated for these funds to help financially boost each beneficiary at this trying time.  We will continue to advocate for additional funds to support Inuvialuit as the Pandemic continues.  

Quyanaqpak, quyanainni, koana for continuing to practice all safety measures to ensure the safety of your family and community. 

Payment details: 

  • Inuvialuit Regional Corporation will be issuing payments by the direct deposit method/(Electronic Fund Transfers) to those enrolled beneficiaries who have registered their direct deposit information with IRC.  
  • For those not yet using or able to use direct deposit/(EFT), Inuvialuit Regional Corporation will be mailing out your cheques to addresses already on file with the Deputy Registrar of Enrolment.

Remember that you should update your address with IRC’s Enrolment when youmove.   

IRC continues to encourageInuvialuitto sign up for direct deposit/(EFT)as the quickest, most efficient method to receivetheannual dividend payment, Elders benefit payments and other payments that IRC is able to provideto beneficiaries. 

The process to sign upforfuture,automatic,deposits: Visit your banking institution to obtain a direct deposit form and then you can send this banking form to IRC Enrolment along with your contact details. 
(867) 777-7000 

IRC providing funds to each beneficiary: press release to view and download