Reminder from ICEDO regarding the Reindeer herd

July 9, 2021

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) is aware that the Reindeer herd is in the East Whitefish area, Richards Island, and along the Inuvik- Tuk Highway. IRC would like to remind Inuvialuit, residents, and visitors in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region that harvesting from the reindeer herd is not allowed.

As the herd is being rounded up and settling into their traditional summering grounds, we must work together to protect and strengthen the herd so it can provide a sustainable supply of food to those in need within our communities. This herd is being overseen and protected for the benefit of all Inuvialuit. The herders, with direction from IRC, will be monitoring the situation and reminding individuals that harvesting from the herd will not be tolerated. 

In the future with the support of all Inuvialuit, the reindeer herd will be able to provide: 

  • A sustainable source of traditional food. 
  • Hides and crafting supplies. 
  • Employment and training opportunities for Inuvialuit.
  • On-the-land learning and education opportunities for Inuvialuit.

IRC asks that all community members respect the health of the herd by not harvesting or interfering with the reindeer herd.


Brian Wade, Assoc. Director of ICEDO 

Inuvialuit Corporate Group 

Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0 

Phone: (867)777-7078

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