REQUEST FOR QUOTATION Stanton Group Trucking Services

February 20, 2023

This invitation is for the submission of quotations to Stanton Group Ltd. (‘SGL’) for the provision of trucking services from the Edmonton area to and within Beaufort Delta Region.

See all information included in this RFQ:

View and Download a Full Copy of the RFQ: REQUEST FOR QUOTATION February 20, 2023 Stanton Group Trucking Services

A supplier requiring clarification of the Quotation Request can either email or call SGL:

The Primary contacts are:

SGL will endeavour to answer all enquiries prior to quotations being submitted.

Quotations provided are for a fixed contract term of one year, with two one-year renewal options.

Suppliers are asked to submit their quotation (including Appendix A, B and C) via email, fax or post no later than 5pm on Friday March 17th, 2023.