Inuvialuit Child Development Program

The Inuvialuit Child Development Program works with Child Development Centres and Aboriginal Head Start inititatives across the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, providing administration, support, and training to ensure programs comply with the Northwest Territories Child Care Act and the guidelines of funding partners.

Funding is received from Government of the Northwest Territories and Public Health Agency of Canada, as an extension of Health Canada. To encourage daily use of Inuvialuktun among students and staff, the Inuvialuit Cultural Centre (ICRC) also funds fluent-speaker positions in each centre. 

Mission Statement 

Provide and implement a quality and culturally relevant child centred learning approach in the areas of growth and development by setting a solid foundation that reflects the child’s needs.

Applications and Registrations

Registration and applications will begin every year on May 1.

Parents must register their child every year to be eligible for acceptance into the fall program of that year. Please ensure that your application is sent and received by June 18, 2019. Applications received after this date will be placed on a wait list.

Please submit all information to the Program Coordinators in each respective community (contact information below).

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Program Goals

Education and School Readiness

  • Provide children with a safe, supportive and interesting environment with developmentally age-appropriate activities.

Culture and Language

  • Children will learn and have an understanding of their culture and language, which supports a positive self-image.

Health Promotion

  • Children will learn to have a positive self-image, and families will have access to current health and wellness promotion and practices.


  • Children will have access to nutritious food and information.

Parental Involvement 

  • Parents and community members will fully participate in the early learning experiences of their children.

Program Information

Aboriginal Head Start Programs and Child Development Centres operate 10 months of the year.

Aboriginal Head Start Programs are intended for three to four year olds while Child Development Centres accept children aged six months to five years.

IRC provides a Parents Handbook with information on your local early childhood development programs.

Download the Parent Handbook (2017)