Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC) has built a diversified portfolio of companies which are either wholly owned, joint ventures or partnerships. To date, we have concentrated our investments in the energy and transportation industries, with selective investments in northern services, including manufacturing industries. By strategically investing in congruent companies, we have been able to create cost-efficient service packages that provide effective solutions for our clients and we have established strong professional networks for our companies.

In the energy industry, in addition to onshore drill rigs, companies within our portfolio provide a complete suite of services for petroleum and mining operations. These include a spectrum of environmental services from land surveying to waste management, fully equipped camps and catering services required for these types of projects and dependable, first-rate transportation and logistics support.

In the transportation industry, the IDC portfolio provides a wide array of services to meet a variety of transportation needs. Our fleets offer air travel by jet, small planes or helicopter. Whether you are landing on a snow covered short-strip or an isolated gravel beach, transporting freight to an oil rig, camp or to the south, the IDC group can provide a cost effective solution to meet your needs.

In northern services, IDC has companies in diverse sectors, offering services from grocery distribution and property management to heavy machinery manufacturing and construction. Through these companies, IDC is able to cultivate new linkages to the energy and transportation industries and explore new avenues for future business investments.

Capacity and Expertise

IDC has a proven track record of growing winners. Our partners and companies within our portfolio have achieved substantial growth and assumed positions of industry leadership. IDC companies are unsurpassed in providing timely solutions to their clients through an established and comprehensive suite of service options. In our daily activities, the IDC team is determined to maintain IDC’s reputation of integrity and excellence. We do not simply ask for success from our companies, partners, and staff, we actively support it.

Accountability and Integrity

Our leadership position in northern markets has given IDC the financial capacity, competitive advantage and critical mass to build on our success and seek new avenues for investment. As we pursue expansion into new markets and opportunities for further synergies in established markets, IDC maintains discipline and diligence in managing our existing investments, ensuring consistent returns.

All IDC partners and companies within our portfolio operate with integrity, excellence, and commitment to customers’ needs. We deliver results-oriented performance while remaining accountable to our customers and shareholders.

Northern Network

The IDC investment portfolio offers significant benefits to Inuvialuit beneficiaries by providing:

  • Annual dividends paid through the IRC
  • Meaningful training and career development opportunities
  • Substantial employment – largest single employer of Inuvialuit

Companies within the IDC portfolio receive significant benefits through:

  • Access to inter-company synergies, capacity and expertise
  • Connection to key stakeholders in northern oil and gas
  • Inclusion on the Inuvialuit business list

Social Responsibility

The IDC is always mindful of its privileged position being 100% owned by the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation. In our every day operations we are steadfast in our commitment to ensure a sustainable legacy for the beneficiaries, and that commitment extends beyond our regular business operations into community involvement.

Annually, IDC provide scholarships to Inuvialuit seeking to advance their education. Companies within the IDC portfolio are generous in response to community needs, with annual donations, both in kind and in cash, exceeding $1,000,000 to community organizations. Commendably, IDC staff members across all our companies are deeply involved a wide range of community organizations, from volunteer support to board membership.

IDC has built a diversified portfolio of companies which are either wholly owned, joint ventures, or partnerships.


Inuvialuit Development Corporation