The Health & Wellness Division at IRC works together to deliver programming for youth, and IRC is currently coordinating or assisting with the following youth initiatives:

  • Funding to youth centres and recreation departments to deliver wellness programming specific to their community
  • Distribution of engaging family supplies and games to Student and Family Support Workers and schools to promote good health and positive relationships
  • Partnerships with schools to offer programming as and when needed with focuses on mental health and suicide prevention
  • The Regional Youth Advisory Group (RYAG) is a youth-led committee working within the region to promote wellness for all youth

Student and Family Support Workers are also available for youth and families who are in need of assistance or guidance. This position acts as a support for all youth; working collaboratively towards increased attendance and goal setting for the future.

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation provides opportunity to youth through many different programs and contributions throughout staff Departments and Divisions, as well as community and national collaborations.