Address Changes and Direct Deposit with Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

April 9, 2021

The next IRC Board Meeting is scheduled to start April 21.  At that meeting, IRC Board is expected to approve 2021 Distribution payments to those over 18.  Dividends are paid each year to beneficiaries of the Inuvialuit Trust, enrolled as of the date that the distribution is approved by the IRC Board of Directors.

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation encourages all beneficiaries who would like to receive their payment in their bank account to sign up for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)/Direct Deposit. 

  • You can go to your bank to request a Direct Deposit form and then submit this form to IRC Enrolment:
  • Address changes also need to be submitted at this time to IRC Enrolment or call 867 777-7000.

If your address has not yet been updated, there could be a delay in receiving your distribution payment.

Please update your address and consider applying for EFT/direct deposit which is both encouraged and the fastest way to receive your distribution payment.

Information from your bank for EFT/Direct Deposit and your current address needs to be on file with Inuvialuit Regional Corporation by April 16, 2021 at 5pm to be ready for the 2021 Dividend payment. 

IRC will announce distribution dates and dividend amounts after the next IRC Board Meeting.

Address Change and Direct Deposit with Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Notice to view and Download

Enrolment Department Contact and Direct Deposit information on IRC Website