Funeral Assistance Policy

Photo is from March, 1959, see Inuvialuit Digital Library The image shows a grave Site on top of hill approximately 60 miles north of Sachs Harbour.

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Funeral Assistance Program (FAP) provides one-time financial assistance to Inuvialuit Beneficiaries to assist with funeral expenses when there is a death of an Inuvialuit Beneficiary or an immediate family member of an Inuvialuit Beneficiary.


For the purposes of the FAP, the following definitions apply:

  1. “Inuvialuit Beneficiary” means an individual who is enrolled in the IRC pursuant to the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA).
  2. “immediate family member” and “next-of-kin” means spouse, children (including step, adoptive and foster children), parents, and siblings in that specific order.
  3. “spouse” means a person who is not separated and is
  • married to another person, or;
  • has lived together in a common-law or conjugal relationship outside of marriage with another person:
  • for at least two years, or;
  • in a relationship of some permanence and they are together the natural or adoptive parents of a child.

Who makes the application?

A duly appointed administrator or executor of the deceased’s estate may make an application under the FAP or, if there is no duly appointed administrator or executor, the next-of-kin must be the one making the application under the FAP.

If the next-of-kin is a minor child or adult under disability, their guardian or caregiver may apply on their behalf. IRC may request documentation supporting any claim of guardianship, custody, or caregiver status.

Applications from immediate family members and next of kin will be prioritized in the order of the categories referenced in the above definition (e.g. a spouse’s application would be accepted over a child’s).   If there are multiple immediate family members or next-of-kin applicants who are in the same category, they must all select one family coordinator to apply under the FAP. IRC may ask the family coordinator to provide proof of consent from other next-of-kin or immediate family members. IRC may also contact all other next-of-kin or immediate family members to obtain their consent or verification.

What information is required?

Applications under the FAP must be made within 6 months of the date of death unless otherwise consented to by the Deputy Registrar of Enrolment and include the following information: 

  1. Deceased’s death certificate, burial permit, or obituary;
  2. Next-of-kin’s name, address, and relationship to the deceased;
  3. Names of other next-of-kin, if applicable; and
  4. Details of related expenses for which assistance is being requested.

How to apply

Application forms will be prescribed by the Enrolment department.


The maximum benefit provided under the FAP is to be established by resolution of the IRC Board.

Any disputes or reconsiderations of this policy may be referred to the IRC Chair and CEO by the Enrolment department for a final decision.

View and Download a Copy of IRC Funeral Assistance Policy