Other Benefits

Beneficiaries of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement are eligible for discounts through some of Inuvialuit Development Corporation‘s wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures.

This page contains a description of each company’s benefits that are provided to beneficiaries. While we strive to keep this information as current as possible, please contact the companies listed if you have any questions or issues with the benefits provided.

Are you looking for benefits with Canadian North?

Aklak Air

Inuvialuit beneficiaries are eligible for a discount on all flights, based on their age.

Elders can receive a 50 per cent discount off full fare tickets. Children (11 and under) are also eligible for a 50 per cent discount off full fare tickets.

Beneficiaries who are over the age of 12 receive a discount between 35-38 per cent off long haul flights and a discount between 13-25 per cent off short haul flights.

Compassionate rates for beneficiaries are 50 per cent off the full fare rates and are available to immediate members of the deceased.

Please contact Aklak Air for more details about beneficiary benefits for Inuvialuit. 

Stanton Group Limited

Stanton Group Limited donates goods for feasts and other events. Beneficiaries can receive discounts for funerals, weddings and other large-scale events.

Discounts are provided to Inuvialuit Elders.

Aurora Rewards

Stanton’s Grocery is pleased to partner with Aurora Rewards to reward you with 1 Aurora Reward point for every dollar spent * at any of its locations, or check for participating gas stations.  You can redeem these points for free Canadian North flights and Stanton gift certificates.  Provide your Aurora Rewards member number each time you shop at Stanton’s Grocery and watch your points balance grow.  For more information see: https://www.aurorarewards.com/

Please contact Stanton Group Limited for more details about beneficiary benefits for Inuvialuit.