Child Registration

Did you know Inuvialuit children are not automatically registered at birth?

Registration is for Inuvialuit younger than 18. It verifies Inuvialuit identity and lets us know how many young people will qualify for enrolment at age 18. Children can register with IRC even if they have a parent or grandparent with other Indigenous heritage.

Registering your child as Inuvialuit connects them to our strong community and culture, and ensures they will have access to all the amazing programs and services we offer to young people.

Knowing how many Inuvialuit children live in the communities of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region allows us to offer better services and create opportunities. The total number of registered Inuvialuit inside and outside the ISR also informs our agreements with the Government of Canada, including the funding for our first ever Child Wellbeing law: Inuvialuit Qitunrariit Inuuniarnikkun Maligaksat.

Registration is a simple process with many benefits for children and youth, and their families, and we’re working on making it easier for parents and guardians!

Why you should register your child or grandchild:

  • Get access to IRC children’s programs.
  • Become eligible for student loans through the Inuvialuit Education Fund.
  • Qualify for Health Canada Non-Insured Health Benefits.
  • Receive an Enrolment Application Package when the child turns 18.
  • Registration verifies a child/youth is Inuvialuit, Inuit and Indigenous for their rights and services in Canada, including the Inuit Child First Initiative.


What you’ll need:

All you need is simple information about the child and their family, as well as a copy of the child’s birth certificate (you can register now and provide the birth certificate later, if you don’t yet have one).


Registration Form

Consent Form


Contact the Vital Statistics department in your provincial or territorial government to request a birth certificate.


Send your registration and a copy of the child's birth certificate to:

Emily Arey, Deputy Registrar of Enrolment and Registration

Tel: (867) 777-7015


Registration is different from enrolment.

To learn more about enrolling as a beneficiary of the Inuvialuit Trust, visit this page,