Inuit Child First Initiative

The Inuit Child First Initiative is the same as Jordan’s Principle which is available to address unmet needs of First Nations and Inuit children on the basis of normative standards or substantive equality, cultural appropriateness and best interests of the child. See information on Canada's website set up for this federal initiative.

Ask Rhonda John for an application, is her email or call and leave your contact information on a voicemail at 867 777-7082 

**More information in a brochure for Child First Initiative

For accessing support from IRC on Child First Initiative Applications, the application and brochure put together by IRC's Child First Initiative Coordinator will help. 

If you need additional support specifically on finding the required numbers, Here is a link to Enrolment for Registration of children for Land Claim number email   If you need it, N number support at IRC with Inuvialuit Health Systems Navigator and email


Rhonda John

Regional CFI Coordinator

Health & Wellness Division

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Tel: 867 777-7082

Inuit Children all over Canada can use telephone hotline 1(855) 572-4453 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and see your additional Regional Representative and Focal Point for CFI anywhere across Canada.


The photograph is from the Inuvialuit Digital Library archive and of Bessie Kuptana sitting surrounded by four young children from Paulatuk and likely taken at Cape Parry around 1968.  Find more information and the Inuvialuit Digital Library at