Illingnun Ukpigin (Believe in Yourself): Application opens for trauma-focused healing program

February 1, 2022

Deadline to apply is February 20, 2022

A trauma-focused wellness program will begin at the historically rich Reindeer Station from March 6 to 19, 2022.

The nine-month Illingnun Ukpigin (Believe in Yourself) program is now accepting applications from residents of the Beaufort Delta over the age of 18 until Sunday, February 20th at 5pm.

For the program’s first 14 days, 10 selected participants will safely explore trauma at Reindeer Station with the guidance of Elders, peers, counsellors and a mental health occupational therapist.

Individual aftercare plans will be developed and delivered through various land and community-based support including group and private meetings, picnics, walks and individual help to navigate community wellness services and processes such as housing applications.

At the end of the program, participants will participate in a seven-day follow-up camp offered at Reindeer Station, reflecting on their successes and barriers to healing with the same wellness team.

Elders, community wellness workers and counsellors will be there to guide participants in their transition out of the Illingnun Ukpigin program and into their new aftercare plans, including introductions to new supports.

To be selected, all applicants must provide proof of vaccination and negative rapid test results 72 and 24 hours prior to attending the program.

Those interested in this opportunity can apply here:

This is the second year Inuvialuit Regional Corporation is offering lllingnun Ukpigin through its Health and Wellness Division, as part of land-focused Project Jewel. The program was made possible through a five-year contribution agreement between the Government of Northwest Territories On the Land Healing Fund and IRC.


For more information please contact:


867 777- 7000

Press Release Illingnun Ukpigin (Believe in Yourself): Application opens for trauma-focused healing program

Apply here online for Illingnun Ukpigin (Believe in Yourself) program