Mental Health Counselling (MHC) Available

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation’s (IRC) Health and Wellness Division, through Indigenous Services Canada’s (ISC) Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program, has improved access to counselling services for eligible Inuvialuit Beneficiaries who are residents of Canada. Through this process, the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation is billed directly for approved counselling services at a pre-set rate by region. 

Working with our Gwich’in neighbours, IRC is also able to support eligible Gwich’in Participants to access the same services. 

Eligible Inuvialuit Beneficiaries and Gwich’in Participants across Canada can receive coverage for up to 22 hours of counselling in a calendar year consisting of: 

  • Initial assessment (of up to two hours) without prior approval.
  • Up to 20 hours of counselling – prior approval required.
  • Additional hours in a calendar year may be covered on an exception basis. 

Process to Apply

  • Identify a mental health counsellor you wish to work with (IRC has some contacts that can be shared if needed, but you are welcome to find a counsellor in your area).
  • Mental Health Counsellors must meet the below criteria to be eligible for the program.
  • Complete the NIHB MHC Application with the service provider on the IRC website: MHC Application For an Adult and MHC Application for a Child
  • Submit the application to
  • An IRC representative will reach out to you directly to confirm your next steps. 

To be eligible under the NIHB program, a service provider must meet all the following conditions: 

  • Registered in good standing by a Provincial/Territorial legislated regulatory body responsible for licensing mental health counselling professionals in the province or territory where the client receives services.
  • Practicing in accordance with the Provincial/Territorial legislation governing the licensing of such professionals.
  • Where a clinical designation exists (for example, Clinical Social Worker), that designation is required.
  • Eligible for independent, unsupervised practice

This counselling service is not intended for crisis situations, as the approval process is not immediate. Clients who require immediate mental health counselling support should reach out to local crisis services. 

Hope for Wellness Help Line at 1-855-242-3310 or connect to the online chat at

For more information and questions about Mental Health Counselling services, please contact