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The following page lists important documents and resources pertaining to Innovation, Inuvialuit Science & Climate Change initiatives which Inuvialuit Regional Corporation's Division is involved.

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Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) Research Newsletter:

2019 Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) Research Newsletter

2020 Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) Research Newsletter

Cruise Ship Management: 

Inuvialuit Settlement Region Cruise Ship Management Plan 2022- 2025

Proactive Vessel Management:

Proactive Vessel Management in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region

ISR Boating Safety Activity Booklet:

Download a copy of the ISR Boating Safety Activity Booklet

Climate Change:

ISR Climate Change Strategy

National Inuit Climate Change Strategy. Launch Date June 7, 2019 in Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Inuvialuit Settlement Region Climate Action Map Website

Inuvialuit Settlement Region; Drilling Sumps Failure and Climate Change Report

Measuring Process on Adaptation and Climate Resilience: Recommendations to the Government of Canada (2018)

Inuit Priorities for Canada’s Climate Strategy: A Canadian Inuit Vision for Our Common Future in Our Homelands (2016)

Improving Communication on Climate Change and Long-Range Contaminants for Communities and Researchers in the ISR


Inuvialuit Settlement Region Energy Action Plan

Carbon Pricing:

Impacts of carbon pricing on the hunting, fishing and trapping economy in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region 2021

Non-Technical Summary of the full document: Impacts of carbon pricing on the hunting, fishing and trapping economy in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Research Priorities:

ITK National Inuit Strategy on Research


Inuvialuit Settlement Region Platform

Designed to improve communication and information sharing between Beaufort Sea Partners, the cloud-based platform provides a ‘one window’ approach to data storage, mapping, application development and collaborative ISR decision making. Featuring tools for field data collection, custom basemaps, print applications and over 500 spatial layers, the ISRP currently supports over 30 organizations. For login information, please contact Website:


Inuvialuit Private Lands

Pan Arctic Network of Inuit Trails

Inuvialuit Settlement Region

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